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June 30, 2016

Bryan Cranston is the protective dad in Why Him? while James Franco plays the loaded Internet tycoon who’s dead set on marrying the wrong guy’s daughter, and Cranston’s not having any of it.

The new trailer shows James Franco out-James Franco-ing himself with a nightmare of a character. This dude has all the modesty of Franco’s role in The Interview plus zero filter when it comes to sharing intimate hot tub stories with his girlfriend’s family. Not even a back tattoo of the fam or a custom bowling alley for the father can win over a dad who really wants to bring the boyfriend down.

If nothing else, watch for the fake vintage L.L. Bean-style dad photos of Bryan Cranston.

Why Him? hits theaters Dec. 25, 2016. Watch the trailer above.


June 08, 2016

A chronicle of the lives affected by a school shooting. Seven vignettes each focus on a victim, and give a glimpse of whom they were, whom they loved, whom they hurt, and whom they wanted to be.

Obituaries from Ryan Moody on Vimeo.

June 04, 2016

Add the short story Drunken Fireworks to the number of Stephen King-penned fictions making their way to the big screen. Rabbit Bandini Productions and Rubicon Entertainment have teamed on the drama, and James Franco is set to star. He possibly could direct as well, but that hasn’t yet been decided. The script is being written by Matt Rager, a frequent Franco collaborator whose credits include As I Lay Dying, The Sound And The Fury and the upcoming John Steinbeck novel adaptation In Dubious Battle, all of which Franco directed. Franco and his Rabbit Bandini partner Vince Jolivette will produce with Doug McKay, Robert Kaplan, Marc Senter and Nathan Grubbs of Rubicon.

Drunken Fireworks is a darkly comic tale of a blue-collar mechanic and a retired mob boss who go head to head in an increasingly antagonistic annual Fourth of July fireworks competition. The tale is set in small-town rural Maine, where local good ol’ boy Alden McCausland (Franco) strikes up a rivalry with retired mob boss Nicky Serrano when Nicky moves in across the lake from Alden and his mother. When Nicky bests Alden’s Fourth of July fireworks show, Alden goes to great lengths to ensure that he beats Nicky the next year in a competition known henceforth as the “Fourth of July Arms Race.”