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May 15, 2015

He’s spoken out about captive orcas, he’s pledged to help chimps and now animal lover and actor James Franco is partnering up with Farm Sanctuary to help farm animals.

The Oscar nominated actor appears in a new video for the organization that rescues abused farm animals and gives them a second chance at life
“It’s amazing to me how easily we can compartmentalize our relationships with animals. It’s easy to draw that distinction between the animals we eat like pigs, cows and lambs and animals that we live with like dogs and cats,” he explains in the video while images of the happy animals at the Farm Sanctuary fill the screen.

He goes on to talk about his own relationship to all animals and how to him, such a distinction does not exist.

“I can’t help but compare farm animals to my cats,” he says of Sammy and Zelda, his beloved felines. “I look into their eyes and realize they’re someone, not just something.”

But cats are not the only animals he’s looking at. Franco also says when a cow comes up to you and gives kisses, it’s just “incredible” and that’s the reason why he supports “Farm Sanctuary’s work to protect farm animals from cruelty and change the way society views and treats these incredible animals.”

He then urges people to check out Farm Sanctuary’s website and work because “at the end of the day, it’s all about compassion and a more compassionate world begins with you.”

We couldn’t have phrased it any better!



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